Delaware does a deadly CAN-CAN

Quick – what do these two buttons refer to?

Would you think they had anything to do with health care?  Me, neither.  But they appeared as part of a promotion at a recent statewide conference on maternal health.  Delaware’s health care system thinks “easy to hide” and “party ready” are selling points for their latest social experiment on our young women – Long Acting Reversible Contraception.

Spearheaded by Upstream and Contraceptive Access Now (CAN), whose exhibit table featured these in a pack of buttons touting different types of LARCs aimed at young girls, they focus on two points that have zero to do with the girls’ health and everything to do with deception.  Here’s another view:

It’s no coincidence that the LARCs they’re pushing hardest for are IUDs, implants, and shots, all seen above and all “party ready” and “easy to hide!”  Imagine that!  NO ONE needs to know and you can “party” the same day you get them! (Ooops…unless you’ve passed out from the pain of insertion or are already in a hormonal rage from the side effects – see previous blog post).

To further appeal to vulnerable young women, this poster appeared  on the table as wellWhat do you notice first?  The word, “FREE,” perhaps?  The candy colors and childish fonts?  The big sell of how “quick” and “private” and oh, yes, “effective” it is?  What are you waiting for??  This poster is just a taste of the pressure young girls are under now that Delaware has trained about 2,000 “providers” (of what?) to insert these devices on the SAME DAY, without PARENTAL CONSENT OR NOTIFICATION.  Easy to hide, don’t you know.

As if their marketing methods weren’t despicable enough, let’s throw bribery into the pot, too.  Girls will be targeted through every possible avenue – schools, social media, community centers, health and social organizations, etc. – and those organizations stand to benefit as well.  In their literature at the exhibit, Delaware CAN includes this in its “benefits to your organization”:

If anyone needed proof that even the promoters of these hideous and evil devices don’t care about the women they claim to help, here it is.  Unfortunately for our young women, they are the prey of a massive campaign of deception and greed foisted upon them by our own state government and health care system.  Here is something to RESIST.



Is it HER or is it the BIRTH CONTROL??

“I have had countless random fits of uncontrollable rage. When I say rage I mean, I want to scream and punch through a wall anger.”*

“A couple months in I threw my tablet at my mother in a blind rage. When nothing was wrong in my life I felt a constant irritation with the people around me.”*

“I drove to the river one night I wanted the hurt to stop I wanted the anger I felt to go away.”*

“The negative side effects have been about 20 pounds of very quick weight gain, drastic mood swings, where I have been afraid for my 4 little kids and felt like I was a strange monster, and depression like I have never felt in my life. *

*These are excerpts of reviews from women who were fitted with Implanon/Nexplanon hormonal implants and/or Merena IUDs found at and

I spent much of the morning reading online reviews of two types of Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARCs) – Implanon/Nexplanon implants and the Mirena IUD.  If you want a snapshot of where Delaware is headed, steel yourself and go read what these women have to say.  Their stories are  hair-raising, as is the First State’s push to make these dangerous devices widely available to girls as young as middle school.

For every one positive review (and many of these included caveats), there were about four tales of misery.  I had been familiar with factors such as blood clots, stroke, heart attack, infertility, and other possible health risks associated with hormonal pills, implants and IUDs.  But these women described urgent, dangerous health complications, both physical and mental, that made the others seem like distant abstractions.  A familiar thread wove itself through the reviews as dozens of women the world over described the exact same symptoms:  long, heavy periods, sudden weight gain, severe acne, thinning hair, frequent urinary tract infections, and ironically, loss of sex drive.  And it wasn’t as if they were having one or two of these symptoms; many experienced several simultaneously.  The agony was such that many had the devices removed, a “service” not covered by insurance until the minimum three-year expiration date is up.  Women without the money to do so, had to wait until they could afford to have them removed.

Another troubling thread was the lack of support from the medical community.  Doctors dismissed complaints and urged the women to keep the device in until things “sorted themselves out.”  Some refused to believe any connection existed between the birth control device and the patient’s obvious symptoms.  Some women were sent for psychiatric evaluations due to the “feeling I was losing my mind,” as one woman expressed it.

As if the physical detractions weren’t enough, what drove so many of these women to express their dissatisfaction was how the overwhelming flood of hormones changed their personalities.  One woman expressed it succinctly:  “It has absolutely ruined the person I use to be.”  Depression and rage seemed to affect almost every person who wrote a negative review. Tales abound of suicidal thoughts, suffering relationships, difficulty at work, and a sense of having lost control of the person she was before.  The four excerpts I included at the beginning are just the tip of the iceberg for those with the stomach to keep reading.

The overarching anger that affected so many of the women who wrote reviews throws all kinds of things into a new light for me.  Can anyone deny an escalating anger among women over the past 40 years?  Was the Women’s March, with its riptide of raging females washing down the streets of D.C., emblematic on a grand scale of the drawbacks of hormonal birth control?   Will anyone think to ask the young women who attacked and caused the death of Amy Joyner-Francis at Howard High School if they were fitted with any of these devices?

If any other drug had such severe and consistent side effects, it would be removed from the market posthaste, but this is birth control, after all.  So many of the women who gave positive reviews – and some of those who suffered –  expressed a willingness to endure physical and mental distress for the sake of not having a child.  This attitude is what the lawmakers and social workers count on as they market LARCs to our children in school clinics, wellness centers, community health centers, hospitals, and just about anywhere they can get one of their instantly trained “professionals” to insert them.  (The promotional video at showing random people being trained to insert IUD’s as if it were a fun, casual thing, will make a normal person sick to his stomach.)

So many women decried the fact that they weren’t adequately informed about the risks posed by LARCs.  Governor Carney’s office should be deluged with communications calling for the halting of this program, an investigation into the many class-action lawsuits associated with LARCs, and protection of our young women from predatory social experiments that threaten their health and well-being.


Margaret Sanger Explains it All to You

The following is the text of my short talk at the Defund Planned Parenthood Rally on Saturday, February 11, 2017.

Some of the over 100 people who gathered at Planned Parenthood of Wilmington to urge its defunding.

Plus ca change, plus ca reste la meme – The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I’m finishing the autobiography of Margaret Sanger, a book I’ve read before.  Why?  Learning about the woman who started the organization that would become Planned Parenthood of America tells us a lot about the organization itself.  And as I was reading, a familiar list kept running through my head, mirroring the modern-day clinic’s current assertions about what they do and why they do it.  Here’s my list:

  • Margaret Sanger wanted to help poor women.
  • Margaret Sanger insisted that factual birth control and health information should be dispensed by competent medical staff.
  • Margaret Sanger wanted “thousands of clinics” throughout the country to achieve this end.
  • Margaret Sanger believed that women should have control over their own destiny and be free of the “biological slavery” of motherhood.
  • Margaret Sanger believed that three essential parties must be cultivated to further her message: the media, the affluent elite, and the court system.
  • Lastly, Margaret Sanger believed such a system would essentially eliminate many of society’s problems, but particularly poverty would be a thing of the past.

Sound familiar?  The twisted logic and deep personal despair of this woman has run like a polluted river through Planned Parenthood since its inception 100 years ago in New York City.  The truth, as we know, is an alarming contradiction today even as it was in Margaret Sanger’s day.

Margaret Sanger hated the poor.  She described their neighborhoods as “bursting with excess of wretched humanity” and their families as “broods of defective and wayward children growing up in the streets, filling dispensaries and hospitals, filing through the juvenile courts.”  Anyone standing outside this clinic on a regular basis can see the exact same attitude towards the poor – they are better off eliminated, not the conditions and circumstances that cause them to be poor.

Factual birth control and health information dispensed by competent medical staff?  She visited an eminent Dutch doctor of the time in the Netherlands where birth control was accepted; he was gruff and short with the women who came to see him and he told Sanger, “No. can’t take time.  They must do as they’re told.”  Abortion doctors and Dutch euthanasia advocates have much the same attitude today.

Sanger believed the word, “clinic” would appeal to the uneducated and deliberately chose that word for her offices.  Because her actions (disseminating information about birth control) was illegal at the time, she also hoped to lend an air of legitimacy by using a word associated with health care.

As for freeing women of biological slavery, it’s worthwhile to note that Margaret Sanger had three children of her own whom she hardly knew.  She spent most of her mothering days traveling the world for her cause.  She spoke of  “sacrificing her maternal feelings” and was literally haunted by dreams and as she said, “of the feeling that I was robbing my children of time to which they were entitled.”  It’s a sad motivator, but it’s pervasive here, where women are urged and forced to subjugate the most beautiful wellspring of love there ever was.

The media, the elite, the courts have all risen to defend PP against all common sense.  100 years ago, Margaret Sanger wrote “The rank and file of American newspapermen…have always been sympathetic” to her cause.   She traveled the world visiting famous eugenicists of the day – the Soros and Gates and Buffets of their time – and realized he who controls the purse strings controls everything.  Of the courts, she believed that challenging the law directly would bring about faster results and that she intended “a far broader definition than any permitted by the existing law.”  Roe v. Wade anyone?

Lastly, the societal woes she intended to defeat have escalated with a vengeance that is all too familiar.  PP is attempting to put out the millions of fires they started.  And their failure is monumental.  One fact stands out in defiance of Margaret Sanger’s dream:  The majority of abortions occur on women who were using some form of birth control.

By all accounts, PP is a failure on an organization level, a philosophical level, a practical level, and a business level.  So WHY does it continue to be funded by our tax dollars.  I’ll end with some statistics that demonstrate PP’s failure to fulfill its (evil) mission and that prove that once and for all that PP needs to be defunded and its doors forever shuttered.

Over half of ALL abortions are on women who were using birth control in the month they became pregnant. (Guttmacher Institute)

Delaware is #9 in the overall rate of abortion in the United States (Guttmacher)

Delaware is #5 in the rate of teen abortion in the United States (Guttmacher).

PPDEL’s net assets for most its most recent income tax filing were $4,655,563 (Guidestar)

PPDEL receives $458,334 in government grants each year. (Guidestar)

PPDEL took in $707,866 in investment income alone  in the most recent tax year. (Guidestar)

Anniversary Blues

It seems appropriate to launch the DRTL blog reboot on the infamous anniversary of the tragic Roe v. Wade decision.  No one’s marching today and the media ignored it (mainstream and otherwise) as news of the Women’s March and inauguration obscure what is the most seismic federal human rights abuse in American history.

Sixty million babies have been slaughtered, countless women have died, and society shudders daily from the aftershocks of this deadly decision.  The trajectory of woes that followed the legalization of abortion is stunning:  higher rates of depression, suicide, alcohol and drug abuse for women; broken relationships and families; increased risk of breast cancer, infertility, and death.  The womb is the most dangerous place on earth for 1/4 of America’s babies and a pregnant woman is most likely to die from being murdered than any other cause of death.

What did abortion NOT eliminate, that it suggested it would?  Poverty, divorce, spousal/partner abuse, maternal death rates, infant mortality, and women’s supposed enslavement.  Every single one of them has increased off the charts since 1973, including some effects never foreseen or acknowledged.  Who would have thought we’d be facing sexual enslavement/trafficking in such an “enlightened” age?  Who could have predicted the explosion in the breast cancer rate, the STD rate, the infertility rate, and the horrific sexual/physical abuse of women in general?  The fruit of the abortion tree is evil indeed.

Delaware has its own dark history where abortion is concerned.  According to the latest Guttmacher Institute statistics, we are #5 in the rate of teen pregnancy (good job, Planned Parenthood!) and #9 in the rate of abortion nationally.  We have a disgraced, 90 year-old abortionist, Albert Dworkin, dispensing the abortion pill twice a week at the Station in Trolley Square and two equally disgraced Planned Parenthood clinics in Wilmington and Dover, constantly shifting  abortion days as they most likely attempt to find a fly-by-night abortionist to work into their schedules.

But if society shudders, Roe is crumbling from these aftershocks.  The abortion industry, driven by greed and a murderous selfishness, must fall.  Clinics are closing, abortionists are aging, clinic workers are defecting, the lies are being exposed.  The truth is ugly; in the past five years alone we’ve experienced the Gosnell horror, the Center for Medical Progress videos, several high profile deaths of women from abortion, and a deep grassroots roar calling for the defunding (and death) of Planned Parenthood.

It’s time to seize this historic moment.  President Trump may or may not help our cause, so please send a clear message by marching in Washington on Friday, January 27.  Write a letter to the editor, meet with your local representative and ask what they’re doing to stop Delaware from being an abortion destination state.  Lobby for pro-life laws in our legislature (there are  NONE in DE).  Let’s restore the rights of the unborn, whose lives are in our hands.