About Us

Delaware Right to Life, Inc. is the largest, most active pro-life organization in the state. We are guided by the principle that all human life is precious and deserving of protection and we are a no exceptions, no compromise organization. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization funded entirely by private donations, we rely exclusively on volunteers to help spread the pro-life message throughout the state.

Our Mission - to educate Delawareans about the life issues - is the focus of our active outreach:

- Exhibit tables at fairs, conventions, and conferences 
- Peaceful participation in the March for Life, Life Chains, and Face the Truth tours 
- Presentations at local high schools 
- Speakers at various groups, including churches and youth groups 
- Billboards, radio and print ads 
- Prayerful presence at abortion clinics throughout the state 
- The Lifeline, quarterly newsletter

Contact Information
Email:              email@derighttolife.org
Website:          www.derighttolife.org
Office: P.O. Box 1222
Location:       Wilmington, DE 19899